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Citizens International

Working with first class people and companies that develop digital media, marketing and e-commerce solutions in various international cities such as London, Berlin, Köln, Hamburg, Munich, Amsterdam, Zürich, Stockholm and Paris amongst others.

Areas covered

Citizens deal with candidates ranging from junior to director level in:
- Project Management
- Account Management
- Strategic Planning (Research, Media and Business, Search Engine Optimisation)
- Marketing
- Sales
- Technical (front and back-end, mobile, and software developers)
- Information Architecture
- User experience
- Design
- Copywriting.

Beate Newbury

Beate Newbury – Co-Founder & Director

Beate is a seasoned professional working in design before moving in to headhunting, she works with top name agencies and startups to help them develop…..

Having also appeared on BBC's Dragon's Den in 2008 she has brought a unique / entrepreneurial perspective to the recruitment industry. Working across many countries in Europe and in the US she has built up an impressive network of contacts.

If you want to get in contact regarding talent, HR or headhunting-related business, drop her a line: beate@citizensinternational.eu